$25 Newborn Sessions?!?

I am so happy to say that two of my best friends brought their beautiful baby girl home the other day!!!  I couldn't be happier for them!! 


To celebrate her arrival, we are offering $25 newborn sessions! That's not a typo ....I really mean it... $25 newborn sessions!! Usually a newborn session fee is $150, but until July 20th you can reserve your newborn session for $25.

Before you reserve your appointment, please know that newborn appointments are done here at the studio within 2 weeks of the baby's birthday. 

We know that most of you won't be able to schedule the date/time of your newborn's photo shoot right now (unless you are having a scheduled c-section or are psychic?!?), but you can still you can still reserve your session!! 

Here are the basics: Contact us and let us know that you would like to reserve an appointment, pay the session fee of $25 before July 20th, call us when the baby arrives and we will schedule your photo shoot then! 

Send us an email today for more details or to reserve your time slot! 


**Photo shoots must occur before March 2014

Emily Merryman