$20 off ANY session for the months of December and January

Homelessness is a very real problem in the Williamsport area. While we sleep warm and cozy in our beds tonight, many people in our community do not have a bed or even a blanket to curl up with. 

We have shelters and facilities that help people in need EVERY day in our community. I am asking you to support those facilities and the wonderful people who work hard to keep them running! 

On November 22nd The American Rescue Workers, First Church and Lycoming College with be hosting Box City, a fundraiser to benefit Saving Grace Shelter (located here in Williamsport.)

I will be participating in the fundraiser on Friday night by sleeping outside at Box City. http://www.arwwmpt.org/box-city-2013.php

Please support the fight against homelessness in our community by donating to Box City!! The money will go to Saving Grace Shelter http://www.arwwmpt.org/saving_grace_shelter.php 

To donate, go to http://www.arwwmpt.org and click on the donate button on the left hand side of the website. When you submit your donation you can leave a message in the comment box: 'Box City Donation Emily Merryman' 

Anyone who donates will receive $20 off ANY session for the months of December and January. Please bring your donation receipt at the time of your session. 


Emily Merryman