What We Believe

 Emily started the business with a simple philosophy:  Every client deserves our very best. We apply that philosophy from the minute you contact us until the final product is in your hand. We believe you deserve gorgeous images and timeless products. We offer digital images in every one of our packages but truly feel the best way to enjoy any photograph is through a tangible medium.  Whether that medium is a print or a custom designed album, we are here to help you create it. We want our clients to love the images that we capture for them. It is without a doubt what drives us to better ourselves every time we pick up a camera.

Who We Are

Emily's obsession with photography started with film early on in her life. She had her own darkroom in the basement of her childhood home and shot her first wedding by the age of 16. After high school, she immediately enrolled in Antonelli Institute, a college in Philadelphia that specializes strictly in Photography and Graphic Design. After graduation, she moved back home to Montoursville, Pa and opened Emily Kane Photography. She loves to hike and spends most of her spare time with family and friends, and coffee… she actually spends all her time with coffee.

Kyle always had an interest in photography, taking several classes in high school and college that focused on film. Always more in the background of Emily Kane Photography since it's birth, Kyle officially joined the ranks in 2013 as the secondary photographer and tech geek. He enjoys the lighting aspect of wedding and reception photography, and begging Emily for more money for more geeky tech stuff. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, fly fishing... and begging Emily for more money to buy more fly fishing stuff. She does not pay him enough. He also designs and writes the blurbs for the website. 

Zoe is our dog. She does not contribute much to the business side of things.

Where We Work

In December of 2015, we finished work on the studio of our dreams. We took an old timber framed garage and turned it into a light and airy workspace and meeting place for our clients. Our property includes a gorgeous yard with lots of trees and a beautiful creek. We love where we work but we also love to step out and explore the world around us with our clients. We are up for anything when it comes to your photography, whether it be hiking to a remote waterfall, going knee-deep in a frozen creek, or leaning out a 5th story window. We also love to travel for weddings, having done numerous out of state weddings ranging from the beaches of Florida and Delaware to the big city feel of Chicago. 

Get ahold of us soon, we'd love to hear from you!  

 Emily + Kyle